A little while back we had a phone call from a customer in Birmingham with an 2011 E Class that had been in a front end collision. The bodyshop had rebuilt his car using the parts from a newer 2014 car . Only the indicators and main beam headlamps would work and there were plugs left over in various places. After much head scratching the bodyshop had given up and sent the car in to us to evaluate.

After much studying of wiring diagrams of new and old cars we worked out a plan to get the car and the headlights to match up. We had noticed that the wiring is very different and requires significant modification particularly if the car used to have Xenon headlamps previously.

DRL and park lamps needed to be configured into the headlamp cluster too. After many hours of research and parts sourced directly from the Far East a successful conclusion was achieved and all lighting functions performed perfectly.

Then on re-installing the bumper and trying to clear out fault codes from the car memory we realised that there were major issues with the Parking sensors too. Again more research was required into which sensors for which cars and after swapping out various parts and re-building parts of the harness another part of the car was now working fine.

All-in-all, not a straight forward task but all very achievable and much learned. Since then we have successfully completed another identical conversion which took us much less time to complete!